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Skin Care Tips for Women with Combination or Oily Skin

Oily and combination skin and the resulting blemishes challenge many people on a daily basis. Learn to care for your skin in a way that suits your particular skin type. Well worth the effort, you will be rewarded with a clearer, cleaner and softer complexion.

Younger women with either combination or oily skin will want to use a cleanser that controls the oily areas of their face without drying out the delicate cheek and eye areas. Make sure the product is gentle so that it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean but not dry. Fragrance free products are best and will help prevent sensitivities and allergic reactions especially when the skin has active blemishes.

For blemish prone skin, add a salicylic acid toner with at least 2% concentration to help control oil and blemishes. It will take approximately six weeks to see maximum results and from that point on the toner will actually prevent breakouts. Use the toner morning and night; however you will want to avoid the sensitive eye area. Never squeeze or poke pimples as it can cause scarring in many cases.

For combination skin, you may not need to use a toner if you use a three-in-one cleanser which contains botanicals that freshen and brighten the skin. These products are fast and time effective for women who feel they have little time to spend on caring for their complexion. In some cases they also contain exfoliant beads and vitamins and replace the normal step of masking as well as providing anti-aging benefits.

Both oily and combination skins need hydration. Using day and night creams, that are oil free, provides moisturization without increasing the oil on the surface of the skin. For photo aging protection you may also want to use a facial sunscreen with at least an SPF 25 that is light and noncomedogenic. It would also be beneficial if the sunscreen has pentapeptides, fruit acids or vitamins in it so that you get anti-aging benefits and sun protection in one product. 

Another product that could be useful to you is a microdermabrasion set to slough off the dry, opaque surface skin cells that prevent the luminosity of the newer skin cells below from showing through. This will also allow the other products you use to hydrate the surface layer of the skin more effectively. If you have any active blemishes do not use a microdermabrasion product in those areas. Removing the head from a pimple may cause scarring or an infection.

Younger women in their teens and twenties often do not need an eye cream however; if fine lines become evident you could add one to your skin care regime as well. In the teens, if the skin is normally oily and fine lines have appeared, you may be using a cleanser that is too harsh. Try switching to a gentler cleanser and monitor your progress to see if that alleviates the problem.

The most important ingredient to any skin care regime, though, is consistency. Use your cleanser and moisturizer day and night, the microdermabrasion twice a week and the anti-aging sunscreen every morning. If you do, you will still have a beautiful, luminescent complexion twenty or thirty years down the road.

For more FREE expert advice on how to present a perfect, personal image please visit To register for our FREE ezine, please click here Dale Kathryn Grove, formally trained as a fashion designer, has been in the fashion and beauty industry for many years.

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